General Surgery

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    6412 Laurel Ave
    Lake Isabella, CA 93240

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The Kern Valleys Hospital's Surgery Department has provided care for our area residents and visitors for some 26 years. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing quality patient care in a friendly, personal setting. Our overall objective is to give you, the patient, all the information and education we are able to about your treatment and diagnosis. This leads to a much higher level of satisfaction and comfort across your entire experience.

With an on site anesthesia provider we ensure you sleep comfortably throughout your entire procedure; compared to other surgery centers who may offer conscious sedation or "twilight sleep". Your complete comfort during your visit to the Kern Valley Hospital Surgery Department is our highest priority.

Talk to your Physician about the convenience of having your procedure done here at the Kern Valley Hospital. Here is a list of some of the procedures we are scheduling: General Surgery, Gynecological Surgeries & Procedures, Podiatry, Gastroenterology - including Colonoscopy & EGD, Out Patient Infusion and more.


  • John Buxton, MD - General Surgery (Medical Director)
  • Holly Spohn-Gross, DPM
GI Lab
  • Harpal Bhaika, MD
  • Robin Matuk, MD