Nov 24, 2021

Kern Valley Hospital Foundation thankful for giving spirit this holiday season

It’s here! It is the time of year I refer to as “Food Season!” It begins with Halloween and all the chocolate appetizers! As fall progresses into winter, we take full advantage of nature’s abundance and share our good fortune with family and friends. It is also time to share the bounty with others that need a bit of help this year. I have found the people of the Kern Valley to be thoughtful and generous in spirit. Let us continue that tradition this year. This year, I will be hosting 30 family members for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait. I love having all my family around me at the holidays – warts and all!

It is with that generous spirit that the Kern Valley Hospital Foundation is reaching out to you. As you may know, the foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation. We are not part of the Kern Valley Healthcare District nor are we funded by them. We exist solely on the generosity of the Kern Valley and small grants received from health care providers. We are an all-volunteer organization that conducts outreach to the community to fund services and programs that the health care district would otherwise not be able to provide. 

The Jeanette Rogers-Erickson Heart Walk is an event we sponsor to provide goods and services to the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). The money raised from the Heart Walk is critical to the success of our efforts to replace furniture worn from decades of use. We are also working toward a “refresh” of the dining room. It too is showing signs of wear and tear. The residents will be involved in the transformation of the room. 

The bus used for the resident’s transportation is a joint purchase made by the foundation and the hospital auxiliary. The availability of transportation for entertainment venues, museums, field trips and other activities is not an expenditure the hospital is able to fund. That’s where we step in – we feel the quality of a resident’s life is as important as the care received from the providers through the SNF. Social interaction is critical to the well-being of any person. This past 18 months has been very difficult for many of the residents. This activity must be continued for all persons that rely on the SNF for their care.

So – SAVE THE DATE! Anyone with a heart is invited to participate – and we all have one!

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. The high school track has been secured. The kitchen at Woodrow Wallace School has been reserved for a lunch that will be provided to the participants of the Heart Walk. It has been two years since the last Heart Walk. Please share the news. Bring your family and friends. Engage your employees to create a team. We need event sponsors to assist in covering the costs. We need volunteers to help on event day. Check out the details on our Facebook page – Kern Valley Hospital Foundation.

Remember I mentioned it is food season? What a great way to work off some of those extra pounds from the holidays! For me personally – COVID poundage needs some attention as well.